Essentials Hero Award: First Community Pull Request

First Community Pull Request: Troy Garner Since PepperDash Essentials became a free, open-sourced technology this, there has been a lot of activity in the repository. Essentials is quickly evolving thanks to our community of developers. At the time of this writing, there have been: 1,211 Commits 286 Releases 101 Pull Requests We welcome the continued development and are taking this moment to recognize Troy Garner as the first Essentials Hero to [...]


Essentials is now Open Source

PepperDash Essentials is Now Open Source On this Valentine’s Day, we thought the industry could use some love, so we decided to open source our most popular Crestron framework. PepperDash Essentials is an open source Crestron framework capable of running a wide variety of system designs and can also serve as a standardized plug-in architecture to augment other Simpl# Pro and Simpl Windows programs. For IT Managers Great Value Benefit from [...]

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