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Mobile Control

We live in a mobile-centric world and expect our technology to be available on our mobile devices. Except when it comes to our audiovisual enabled huddle spaces and conference rooms.

Security Concerns?  Bad User-Experience? Cost? Whatever the reason, we give this technology a pass and expect our users to be OK with that.   It’s time for this to change.

PepperDash’s Mobile Control solution removes these barriers and provides a secure AV control interface from the convenience of your mobile device.

With support automatically built into PepperDash Essentials™ and the ability to integrate with your custom Crestron control systems, Mobile Control is a great addition to any audiovisual strategy.

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Mobile Control

Key benefits

Control from any device

Enables the use of familiar devices already in your users workflow: their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Centrally-managed user experience

Consistency across your organization means less time lost to figuring out intimidating AV controls.

Prestigious Law Firm Eliminates Barriers to Collaboration


A 2018 Top Five Innovative Law Firm (Financial Times) noticed a growing reluctance and fear around using touch panels in collaboration spaces. With client collaboration as a key element to their success, they needed a solution that would excite users and encourage use of their collaboration spaces.


As the world has become accustomed to everything-mobile and easy-to-use apps, the solution was clear: bring collaboration control to user’s phones and tablets. To accomplish this, we installed a PepperDash Mobile Control server to provide the user-interface, access management control, and communication required with the in-room control systems.  We then modified the existing Crestron control systems to be compatible with the Mobile Control server and subsequently redeployed the software on the clients infrastructure.  With a focus on software-centric solutions, this was accomplished without requiring the purchase or installation of additional hardware.


By implementing PepperDash’s Mobile Control solution, users no longer have to use what had become a symbol of complexity: the meeting room touch panel. Users can now walk into a room and begin controlling the collaboration and in-room systems from the convenience and comfort of their mobile phone or tablet.

By bringing presentation control to a format users are already comfortable with, guests no longer need to seek help or training to utilize collaboration spaces: freeing up support resources and improving the client experience.