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Hosted Crestron Fusion

Getting the most out of Crestron Fusion requires integration with control programs, a detailed device monitoring strategy, and specialized IT resources for support and maintenance.

While the majority of Crestron Fusion installations are on-premise and require organizations to allocate highly skilled and trained resources to maintain its operation, it is fully capable of operating in a cloud-based architecture.

To support this, PepperDash offers a managed service to host Crestron Fusion for organizations who are looking for the most efficient way to gain the benefits of a properly installed and configured Crestron Fusion environment, without the staffing requirement of specialized IT resources.

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Enterprise Level Security

Based on years of experience setting up secure Crestron Fusion environments for public agencies, military organizations, and financial institutions.


Proactive monitoring, load balancing, and automated certificate renewals ensure that your Crestron Fusion environment remains healthy and available.

Efficient TCO

Leverage the advantages of Crestron Fusion without the cost of dedicating a specialized team for the life of your systems.

We understand how important your data is and how important it is to keep that data secure.

Our Hosted Fusion offering ensures you, and only you, have access to everything you need.

Secure by Design

  • All connections to the Fusion application servers are proxied via load balancers, ensuing that the Fusion application servers are not directly exposed to the Internet in any way.
  • A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is used for security to reject cross-site scripting, SQL injection and other attacks.
  • By ingesting threat intelligence, requests from known bad-acter IP address are blocked by the WAF.
  • SSL/TLS termination is handled by the load balancers. Security certificates are provided by AWS ACM and are automatically updated, reducing potential downtime due to certificate expiry problems.
  • Since inefficient control programming or data logging can cause SQL server issues, we dedicate each SQL server to a specific customer, isolating your environment from everyone else.
  • AWS RDS is used to monitor and automate backups for every SQL server.
  • AWS Cloud Watch is used to proactively monitor all VMs and application URLs.