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Crestron Fusion Optimization

As a critical component to the success of audiovisual and collaboration technology investments, it’s important for your AV management systems to be properly installed, fully integrated and optimized to the needs of your organization.

Specific considerations should be made for system health, schedule integration, support and maintenance, utilization metrics, along with general management of enterprise assets.

Our AV Resource Management service is specifically designed to navigate these interrelated priorities and to determine the most  appropriate solution for your organization.

Hosting Services

Let us know if you are interested in a custom hosting solution for Crestron Fusion.

Benefits of an Optimized AV Resource Management System

  • Identify equipment issues before they become user problems
  • Reduce support time and personnel costs
  • Maintain appropriate numbers of room types based on usage
  • Encourage people to use rooms that best fit their needs

Process and Deliverables


 Activities and Deliverables

Step 1: Learning
  • Hold focus groups with the stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Document the current and planned systems along with any enterprise requirements.
Step 2: Server Setup
  • Configure the list of standard attributes and custom properties.
  • Integrate any required third-party systems, such as PepperDash Connect™ for room scheduling.
Step 3: Software Updates
  • Update the room control software to support the server connection.
  • Incorporate any additional features such as help desk or meeting presets.
Step 4: Deployment
  • Schedule and deploy the updated room control software.
  • Verify the connection is stable and any additional functionality is operating correctly.

Additional Resources

Crestron Fusion
Crestron Fusion is an enterprise management platform that enables organizations to monitor and manage AV equipment, BMS, room scheduling, lighting, shades, climate, and energy consumption from a single platform. You can deploy Fusion RV® (RoomView), Fusion EM® (Energy Management) or both, based on organizational needs.

AMX Resource Management Suite® allows you to centrally monitor for AV technology problems right from your IT support desk and remotely control AV devices in all of your meeting rooms across your organization.