8 Ways to Optimize Your Crestron Fusion Installation

1.  Don’t limit yourself to the built-in attributes.  By adding custom code, you can track and manage a near limitless number of system attributes from within Crestron Fusion.

2. If you book your rooms via Microsoft Exchange or similar scheduling software, integrate it with Crestron Fusion to provide more advanced functionality and remove the need for double entry.

3.  Make sure the reporting and logging modules are implemented correctly.  Collecting accurate data enables insightful reports which can help drive long term cost savings.

4.  Use it to be your central point to access x-panels.  Adding some simple backend code also enables you to serve up the appropriate x-panel based on physical location or IP address.

5.  If you use Active Directory, make sure to configure Crestron Fusion to use it for authentication.

6.  When designing the network, remember that the Crestron Fusion server reaches out to the processors, not the other way around.

7.  Take long term enterprise wide goals into consideration when creating an organizational strategy for the nodes and branches of the device tree.

8.  It’s easier to have dormant properties such as attributes and x-panel URL’s located within the rooms’ definitions rather than adding this information room-by-room later on.

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