AVUX Consulting

At PepperDash, we take an expansive view of the audiovisual User Experience.

  • How does the system function?
  • How intuitive are the user interfaces?
  • How easy is it to maintain the systems and support users?
  • Are people wasting time with technology?

These questions are critical to the success of audiovisual and collaboration technology investments. To ensure they are properly addressed, we have developed a unique, multi-step process that leads to a successful User Experience implementation.

We call it PepperDash AVUX®.


Process and Deliverables


Focus groups with stakeholders to determine the current issues and objectives

Prepare and Present Findings

Document and present the findings of the inquiry along with conclusions, recommendations, and next steps.

UX Design

Define functional work flow, using wireframes for touch panels and centralized consoles.

Demonstrate features and available controls

Prepare and present wireframes and GUI standards.

UX Validation

Validate the final User Experience through implementation and fine tuning.

Get buy-in to ensure success

Develop and implement a representative pilot system for live use and feedback by user groups.


Additional Information

  • Global AV technical standards that can be easily maintained and easily deployed
  • A simple, intuitive and consistent user interface across the entire enterprise
  • Increased productivity with minimum time wasted before and after meetings
  • A proven, referenceable process that creates buy-in from key stakeholders