Who Benefits from PepperDash Portal

Successful audiovisual projects involve a wide range of diverse stakeholders.  They include members of the facilities team who are responsible for the physical space, end-user representatives to ensure the systems meet the needs of the users, technology managers who own the technology decisions, IT managers to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is provided, and service and support teams who maintain the systems once they are in use.

And that only includes the internal teams, the number increases when you add in the AV consultants, manufacturer representatives, system integrators, and software providers who deliver the audiovisual solutions.

The PepperDash Portal was designed to help this diverse team of experts normalize on expectations, work together with transparent accountability, and formally document that all required processes and procedures were successfully completed.

Successful Audiovisual Teams

  • Technology Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • User Representatives
  • IT Managers
  • Service and Support teams
  • AV Consultants
  • AV Designers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Manufacturer Representatives
  • Software Providers