When to Use Projects

The simplicity and flexibility of projects make them very effective in a wide variety of situations.  Below are a few examples of when projects can help organize initiatives and control access to information while also providing a real-time view of current status for all members of the project team.

Capital Projects

From whole buildings to new floors, organizations in an expansion mode are constantly in search of tools to make new build-outs faster and more cost effective.  The PepperDash Portal enables deployment managers to clearly organize the systems being installed and ensure the integration teams have direct access to all of the tools, processes, and information they need to deploy standard systems correctly, the first time, every time.

  • New building construction
  • Expansion into new floors
  • Major technology refresh
  • Space renovations

Operations and Support

The heavy lifting may be done once the physical installation is complete, but the constant drive to maintain 100% up-time and efficiently manage upgrades never goes away.  The PepperDash Portal provides a mechanism for day-to-day improvements of process efficiencies and enables lessons learned at 8am in Sydney to become new standards put into formal practice by 8am in London, NYC, and Los Angeles.

  • Ready for business verification
  • Punch list resolution
  • Technology upgrades

Data Roll-ups

Doing anything at scale requires the ability to quickly analyze data at various levels of detail and from different perspectives.  Using projects to create these views allows managers to get real-time perspectives into how well their organization is operating and quickly isolate any situations which may require proactive action.

  • Roll-ups by region
  • Performance by template standard
  • Global activities by integration partner