What is a Template

Templates represent the standard system designs within your organization and are the core building blocks of a successful standards management strategy.  Templates should be created for all types of systems, including both small huddle spaces and unique auditoriums.

A Template does not have a frequency or system count threshold, there is no minimum technology requirement, it is an agreed upon standard for an acceptable system to be used within your organization and should have a well-defined set of requirements and expectations for both initial installation as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Core Elements of a Template

Description – Important information about the template and it’s appropriate uses.

File & Data Storage – A well-structured and organized repository for all the documents pertaining to a template.  Supports both current release and archived files for historical continuity.

Configuration – Baseline configuration detailing the devices and required system behavior.

Processes – The set of processes and procedures that should be followed to ensure deployment consistency, proper operation, and ongoing room ready checks for every system created from a template.

Compliance – The expected device settings and configurations that will be verified across all systems through an automated process of constant commissioning.