Manage Project Users

Projects provide a safe and secure way to provide access to the systems and processes that team members need.  This page will demonstrate how to add a new user to a project.

1. Go to Projects

Select Projects from the main left navigation bar.  This will bring up a list of projects that have already been created.

2. Select a Project to Manage

Select the project you would like to manage.

3. Select Users tab

Select the Users tab to bring up the list of users who are included in the project.  To add a new user to the project, select the ‘Add user’ link.

4. Add New Company User

Enter the email address for the user you would like to add and then select their authority group.

You now know how to add users to a project, which also gives them controlled access to the systems that are included in the project.  Next, learn how to create processes or go to the PepperDash Portal Tutorials home page.