PepperDash Portal Overview

The PepperDash Portal™ is an AV operations platform that enables you to accurately define organization-wide audiovisual standards, efficiently deploy them across the globe, and intelligently manage them in real-time.

Comprehensive Standards

The PepperDash Portal provides a simple, structured way to organize all of the files and information required to define a comprehensive technology standard for your audiovisual systems.

  • Standard template files
  • System specific files
  • Engineering drawings
  • Installation instructions
  • Device software & firmware
  • Ad hoc files

Share Data with Project Teams

Once the template and systems have been defined, the Portal enables a safe and secure way to share all of the necessary information required for systems integrators, consultants, software providers, and internal team members to efficiently complete their work.

  • Access to standard templates
  • Access to specific systems
  • Activity audits
  • Project based access

Advanced Process Management

Process management is critical to scale any operation.  To ensure a successful outcome, not only do you need to provide access to the files and information required to complete a task, but it’s equally important to ensure everyone is following the same processes and procedures in completing the work. The Portal allows you to clearly define expected outcomes while providing the ability to track and report on the steps required to get there.

  • Testing procedures
  • Approval processes
  • Success/Failure reporting
  • Real-time process improvements
  • Enforced accountability
  • Transparency of status

Data Analysis and Insights

With multiple teams executing across multiple projects in parallel, the PepperDash Portal provides the data analysis tools to intelligently filter your projects and systems to quickly and efficiently isolate any activities which may require additional attention.

  • Failed processes
  • Non-compliant systems
  • Improperly configured devices
  • Open punch list items
  • Incomplete processes
  • Offline systems