Customize your System

Creating well organized and detailed system documentation allows for consistent deployments and efficient support processes.  This page will go over the various options available to ensure both the personal accountability of team members and the accurate creation of system documentation.

System Summary

When first viewing a system, the Summary tab will initially be selected.  From here, you can define the identification and organizational elements of the template such as name, room location, and system notes.  You will also be able to view template information such as the name of the template, its type, and any template notes.

System Files

The Files tab provides access to both the standard template files for this system as well as the system specific files.   If this is an Essentials based system, you will also see the files necessary to deploy this system in the list of template files.

To add documents to the system, first select the category for the document on the left and then drag-and-drop the files onto the file upload area shown.

System Configuration (Optional)

The Configuration tab provides an interface to define the devices, their control points, and the standard behavior for this system.  The information provided here is available as a JSON configuration file that can be used with both PepperDash Essentials control software as well as custom developed control solutions.

Some fields are locked from being edited at the system level.  This is done to maintain consistency within template standards while still allowing for the required system specific settings and configurations.


On the Processes tab, you can view the list of processes which should be used to deploy and maintain this system.  You can view the latest status of any submitted process, generate a pdf, update the results of a previously submitted process, or start with a fresh copy of any process listed.

Punch List

The Punch List tab shows all of the punch list items that have been associated with this system.

To add a new punch list item, select the ‘Add New Item’ link.  A punch list can optionally be associated with an existing project.  After a punch list item has been associated with a project, the Owner and Assigned To fields can reference any of the team members of that project.


Compliance supported devices that are defined in the Configuration tab are listed here.  For each device attribute, you will see any compliance requirements as well as any data received from the system.

You have now completed the initial setup of your system.  From here, you can create your first project or go back to the PepperDash Portal Tutorials home page.