Create Your First Project

Even though projects can support a wide variety of initiatives, the process of creating them is the same.

1. Go to Projects

Select Projects from the main left navigation bar.  This will bring up a list of projects that have already been created.  To create a new project, select the ‘Add New Project’ link.

2. Enter a Project Name

Next, enter a name for the project.  You will be able to edit the name of the project later.

3. Project Summary

The Summary tab shows the project name, its status, and description.  You can edit this information from here at any time.  It will also list any team members who have access to the systems included in this project.

4. Add Systems to Project

Select the Systems tab to bring up a list of the systems currently included in this project.

Select Add/Remove systems.  From here, you can choose which systems to include with this project.  There are no restrictions on the number of projects a system can belong to.

Select Users

Select the Users tab to bring up the list of people who are currently included in this project.  Users listed here have access to the systems included in this project.  To add a new user to the project, select the ‘Add user’ link.

Enter the email address for the user you would like to add to this project and then select their authority group.

You now know how to create a new project, how to add the appropriate systems to a project, and how to provide controlled user access to those systems.

Next, see examples of when to use projects or go to the PepperDash Portal Tutorials home page.

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