Create a Template

Creating a template is a simple process and there are no limitations to the number of templates you can create within your organization.

1. Go to Templates

Select Templates from the main left navigation bar.  This will bring up a list of templates that have already been created.  To create a new template, select the ‘Create New Template’ link next to the search input field.

2. Enter a Template name and select either Essentials or Custom

Next, enter a name for your new template.  It can be helpful to create a name which provides information about the type of system the template will represent, but don’t worry about it too much, you can always go back and change the name of the template later.

Help me decide

If you are unsure which to choose, create a Custom template.  Essentials templates provide access to our no-cost control software that is made available to all Portal subscribers.

Congratulations, you have created your first template.

Next, learn how to customize your template or go to the PepperDash Portal Tutorials home page.