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 PepperDash Portal Release Notes

The PepperDash Portal Release Notes document the primary updates which have been deployed to the production environment as well as provides insight into potential features that are being explored.

Upcoming Features

The current Portal Processes are an effective way to standardize and document the results of system based testing, which is most valuable during the Staging, Installation, and System Acceptance phases of a project.

We are now looking to bring similar benefits to the Needs Analysis and Design phases by providing overall project status and milestone reporting.

Similar to the email notifications for changes to Punch List items, we are looking to provide the ability to be notified of any Failed processes.

We often see the work done on systems documented within each of projects that are created to perform the various service efforts, such as hardware swaps and firmware upgrades.  We would like to consolidate these service logs into a central repository that can be quickly searched and reported on to help support any future updates or service requests.

The Portal provides an effective way of organizing files between a Template and the Systems created from it.  If any files are shared across the Systems, we can manage those files at the Template level.  With company level files sharing, we are looking to expand this further and allow for files to be shared across Templates as well.

Recent Updates

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