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 PepperDash Portal Release Notes

The PepperDash Portal Release Notes document the primary updates which have been deployed to the production environment as well as provides insight into potential features that are being explored.

Upcoming Features

The Portal provides an effective way of organizing files between a Template and the Systems created from it.  If any files are shared across the Systems, we can manage those files at the Template level.  With company level files sharing, we are looking to expand this further and allow for files to be shared across Templates as well.

While it’s critically important to know the current status of your projects and systems, it can be equally important to know if they are trending in the right direction.  These additional reports will provide valuable at-a-glance insights to help determine if you are drowning, treading water, or swimming like Phelps.

Recent Updates

Similar to the email notifications for changes to Punch List items, we are looking to provide the ability to be notified of any Failed processes.

We think its great when people store their files in the Portal, and our users seem to as well.  But with the various file sharing services out there, not every file should require a separate copy to be uploaded to the Portal.  As an alternative option to uploading files directly to the Portal, we will be enabling users to associate these externally stored files to a Project, Template, or System.

Successful audiovisual projects are typically comprised of diverse groups of specialists who are able to effectively work together in a consistent and repeatable manner.  With the release of our Milestones feature, the PepperDash Portal now makes this crucial multi-team coordination even easier.

We’ve added a lot of features to the Portal that haven’t made their way to the default Insights dashboard.  It’s time for that to change.  The updated version of the dashboard brings Punch Lists, System Alerts, and Project Milestones to the forefront.  Fewer clicks to find the information we need is always a good thing.

If every process only had to be completed once, we could simply do our work and then drive off into the sunset as the heroes we know we are. Sadly, that does not apply to audiovisual systems.

While some processes only need to be completed once, it’s important to clearly define the processes that are expected to be completed on a recurring basis, such as Room Readiness and Preventative Maintenance.

The Recurring Event field enables a process to be configured with an expectation that it should be submitted Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. As a core requirement of any room readiness initiative, we recommend defining the appropriate frequency for those processes.

There are numerous processes that are completed over the full life-cycle of an audiovisual system. While each of them is critical to overall success, not all processes are as important to all team members at all times.

In the initial phases, staging verification and asset tracking processes tend to have more importance. As time goes on, system acceptance, room readiness, and system decommissioning all take turns playing the leading role.

To support these multiple perspectives and natural shifting of focus, each project can now be uniquely configured to show only the processes you want to track at that time. This enables installation teams to focus on install tasks while simultaneously allowing support teams to focus on support tasks.

Scope management is critically important to maintaining expectations and project timelines.  During the course of audiovisual projects, it is common for features and functionality to be requested by a wide variety of people.  The Wish List feature provides a transparent way of managing these requests and helps to keep everyone on the same page, reducing the chances of misaligned expectations that can frequently lead to disappointing project outcomes.

We’ve added two additional fields to expand the functionality of our Punch Lists.

Description: An expanded text field to provide additional detail regarding a punch list item.

Resolution: A place to formally document the resolution of a punch list item.

The Punch List is a critical component to every audiovisual project, and the larger and more complex the project, the more true this is.  Having the tools to clearly and efficiently communicate the status of punch list items is critical to a project finishing on-time and on-budget.

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