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PepperDash Portal

Built specifically for IT and audiovisual departments, the PepperDash Portal is designed to clearly document and share your technology standards, improve your ability to deploy them consistently and efficiently, while also providing real-time insights, online system test reporting, and automated compliance verification.

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/ system / month

  • Unlimited System Templates
  • PepperDash Essentials for free
  • Online system test reports
  • Project & system punch lists
  • Unlimited users
  • External user access
  • Device firmware reports
  • Compliance verification

File Storage: 5GB



/ system / month

  • Unlimited System Templates
  • PepperDash Essentials for free
  • Online system test reports
  • Project & system punch lists
  • Unlimited users
  • External user access
  • Device firmware reports
  • Compliance verification

File Storage: 5GB

Accurately Define

To ensure consistency and compliance at every step of the process, the PepperDash Portal™ enables you to specify the system design, control software, user interface and system configuration along with standard deployment and commissioning instructions.

Create a catalog of standard systems to lower procurement, deployment and support costs

Define options and specify compliance requirements

Compatible with PepperDash Essentials

Create Comprehensive Standards

The PepperDash Portal provides a simple, structured way to organize and store all of the files and information required to define a comprehensive technology standard for your audiovisual systems.

  • Engineering drawings
  • Control software
  • User interface files
  • Firmware
  • DSP files
  • Installation instructions
  • Ad hoc files

Efficiently Deploy

No more wondering who has the latest control software, how a device should be configured or where the current schematics are stored. It’s all in one secure and easily managed location.

Easily provide the latest full-system package to your internal teams and external integration partners

Use a human-friendly web application to make system specific changes such display model and room name

Create and store room testing and commissioning reports

Share Data with Project Team Members

A safe and secure way to share all of the necessary information required for systems integrators, consultants, software providers, and internal team members to work together.

  • Systems integrators
  • AV consultants
  • Software developers
  • Manufacturer representatives
  • Internal team members

Advanced Process Management

Process management is critical to scale any operation. The Portal allows you to clearly define your expected outcomes while providing the ability to track and report on all of the steps required to get there.

  • Staging checklists
  • Site readiness reports
  • Pre-commissioning verification
  • Commissioning process
  • Daily and weekly ready-for-business reports

Intelligently Manage

Technology advances. To keep pace, your audiovisual systems will need to be updated well after their initial room turnover date. The PepperDash Portal™ helps you efficiently manage these changes and track systems that are not in compliance with current company standards.

Generate reports to find systems that are not running approved versions of software or firmware

Create support tasks with specific actionable instructions to bring systems back into compliance

Automated Compliance Verification

Reduce deployment and support time by automating the compliance verification process for control software, firmware, and device configurations.

  • Device firmware
  • Control software
  • Configuration files
  • User interface programs

Data Analysis and Insights

The Portal provides the data analysis tools to intelligently manage your systems and effectively respond to potential security vulnerabilities.

  • Determine the most frequent process failures
  • Find systems and devices that are not in compliance
  • Rate systems and standards based on frequency of reported issues
  • Gain visibility into the status of both new-build and maintenance projects

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