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PepperDash Essentials

Industry leading Crestron audiovisual control software that provides field-tested and easy to deploy solutions for all types of rooms.

Specifically designed for deployment within new projects or when establishing organization-wide standards.

We take care of the software updates and make them available to everyone.

You download the latest release and install it into your systems.

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Huddle Space

Ideal for flexible work areas.

  • Provides a single display
  • Optional touch panel interface
  • Up to 4 content sources
  • Crestron Fusion integration
  • PepperDash Portal compliance

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Presentation Room

Presentation and audio conferencing.

  • Audio conferencing features
  • Optional second display
  • Includes additional sources
  • Crestron Fusion integration
  • PepperDash Portal compliance

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Video Conferencing Suite

Advanced video collaboration.

  • Audio and video Conferencing
  • Multi-camera options available
  • Advanced routing features
  • Crestron Fusion integration
  • PepperDash Portal compliance

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To learn more about PepperDash Essentials, contact us at

Benefits of

Receive defect free control software in minutes, not months

Save over 80% on the cost of AV control software

Greatly reduce room deployment and testing time

Ensures a professional solution based on industry standards

Reduces the number of code bases that need to be managed

Removes dependency on programmer availability

Approved System Designs

We offer a free design verification service to review your proposed designs and confirm if they are supported by PepperDash Essentials™.

For design verification, email and include your system designs and any additional questions you may have.

Download example Huddle Space designs.

Deployment and Support

While not required, we also offer professional installation services.

Contact for software installation services.

PepperDash Essentials vs. Custom Software

The majority of audiovisual systems currently being deployed utilize standard designs and configurations.  Unlike complex multi-purpose spaces and large auditoriums that require custom specifications and custom software, these typical presentation rooms and meeting spaces are consistently designed and deployed with similar hardware architectures.

PepperDash Essentials takes advantage of these common design traits to provide you with audiovisual control software that is maintained by professional developers and whose features are driven directly by user feedback.

PepperDash Essentials

Time: Fully documented known working control software that can be downloaded immediately.

Cost: Low fixed costs that enable confidence in project based pricing.

Vendor Lock: Enables integrators to focus on their core competencies of needs analysis, system design and physical installation.  Removing software risk enables selection of the most appropriate integrator based on the specific project requirements.

Ease of Upgrade: System updates available at no additional cost.

Custom Software

Time: Requires substantial amounts of time for initial development, rewrites due to misaligned expectations, and additional time to complete first-instance deployment testing.

Cost: High costs due to the number of hours and technical requirements necessary to write custom software.

Vendor Lock: Integrators don’t always make the best software development companies.  Misaligned strengths built into project ownership and delivery plans frequently lead to sliding schedules and budget overruns.

Ease of Upgrade: Requires additional investment and may be difficult to schedule.