Design Principles for Control Software

PepperDash’s Design Principles for Control Software is a collection of best-practices that consider the unique context of control system users, where interactions are brief, presentation anxiety is high, and training isn’t guaranteed.

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These principles describe the fundamental drivers of effective design, and just as importantly, the reasoning behind them. We consider hedonic vs eudaimonic needs analysis, modality, hierarchy, color palettes, font sizes, and more, as we define the conditions that optimize user success. In addition to providing our user-experience designers with the tools to make informed design choices, we provide justification for when those rules can, and should, be broken.

Our work is informed by the most widely-adopted design principles in the broader user-experience community, tailored specifically for control system environments and the unique needs of our users. Our goal in publishing these principles is to stimulate discussion, gather feedback, and continue developing industry best-practices that make users successful.