PepperDash is now a Crestron Service Provider (CSP)

Crestron announced today the rebranding of the CAIP program to acknowledge the changing nature of Crestron programming. The change was announced in a press release on January 3, 2013, effective immediately: “More than 10 years ago Crestron acknowledged, supported, and promoted an exclusive group of experts called Crestron Authorized Independent Programmers, aka CAIPs. The CAIP program has been incredibly successful, growing and changing over the years. … CAIPs are much more than just programmers today. They now fulfill a wide range of professional roles and services such as software development, DigitalMedia™ commissioning, Commercial Lighting commissioning, Fusion deployments, system design, project management, and much more. To more accurately reflect their expertise, service offerings, and value to the industry, the group’s name has been changed to Crestron Services Provider, or CSP.” PepperDash will be adopting the new CSP logo and related branding over the next few months.